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New Episode of Ambush Tuesday at 8pm

A spankin' new episode of 'The Ambush Radio Show' premiers Tuesday Night at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific.

The 'Flak Jacket' crew is back in the cockpit playing independent local bands, as well as their own favorite rock, ska and punk from today and decades past.
Commenting on the live music scene in New York is always a given, as are your hosts' continuing struggles with the finer points of Shakespeare's fair language [that'd be English].

The curse jar is in full effect and shall be until the Captain VJ [C-4] has a tongue as pure as Keith Richard's favorite candy [reputedly] from the 70's.
Pavlov's dog has nothing on this cl*sterf*ck of a radio program and we're one step away from the requisite electric shock routine.

Episode 22 features Long Island's 'Playing Dead' in the studio chatting it up about about gigging locally and beyond, and what they're working on. The band's influences range from the Misfits and Wilco, to Smashing Pumpkins and Superchunk. The band's influences blend well as we witness with rock solid in-studio performance.

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