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The AMBUSH RADIO Show Tonight at 8pm

Featuring Bellmore's Own 'All New Episode'

A brand new episode of The Ambush Radio Show premiers tonight at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific.
As per usual, the rap is heavy on the trash talk, the local music scene in New York, plus national cultural curiosities and 'news'. As always, the boys spin a specially curated playlist of 90s Punk/Ska and Alternative and far beyond reaching into the ancient rock vaults as well as this week's releases.

Episode 21 features Bellmore, New York's favorite homegrown Pop-Punk/Ska group 'The Latest Episode' hanging out and chewing the fat in 'The Hooch' [aka Ambush Studio].

Your lovable but notoriously foul-mouthed hosts struggle with their inability to get a grip on their profanity and introduce a curse jar for that purpose to little or no effect. We report, you decide.

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